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How do I make Myphoner dial?
How do I make Myphoner dial?

Nothing happens when I click a phone number.

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This article will walk you through a few steps to determine what might go wrong if your dialer does not work. If nothing here works, please contact support from the help menu inside Myphoner.

  • First, make sure you have a phone that works with Myphoner

  • Find or create a lead with a phone number you can experiment with (add your own or a colleagues number so that you don't accidentally call a real lead in the next steps)

  • If the phone number is not turned into a link when looking at the lead, make sure the list has that field configured as a "Phone"

  • If nothing happens when you click the link, please make sure that typing the number manually in your phone will make it dial as expected - your phone must be able to dial on it's own before connecting it to Myphoner

  • If your phone is activated when clicking the link, but does not dial, try adding the country code to the phone number. You can do this in one place for the entire list in the list configuration (remember to hit the "Save"-button after adding the country code)

  • If this still does not work, try changing your dialer from your user preferences

  • Try all the different options until it works.

  • If nothing of the above works, contact support from the Help menu in Myphoner, and please mention that you have tried everything in this checklist and let us know what phone you are using.

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