With our standards based webphone, you can integrate any VOIP provider that support SIP over websockets.

Sounds complicated? Well here's a few steps you can use to determine and test if your favourite VOIP provider will work with our integrated solution:

  1. Make sure your VOIP provider has support for SIP over Websockets. We have a few confirmed providers such as OnSIP and Telnyx described in our guides.
    If you need to ask your provider, tell them "My CRM has a WebRTC dialler built on jssip.net and I want to know if you support that. Their docs say that you need to have "SIP over Websockets"-support." and link to this article :-)
  2. Obtain the WSS endpoint from your provider, e.g. wss://sip.mysipprovider.com  and enter it in myphoner under Manage -> Account -> Dialler -> Generic Webphone 
  3. Set the dialling preferences for each agent that is going to use the webphone. Agents can do this themselves or you can do it from the user management section (Manage -> Users ).
  4. Now the webphone will appear on each lead for the agents that enabled it. Ready to start dialling.

Please note: You need to be on the Prospect plan to use our Generic Webphone.

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