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Setting it up

Go to your preferences in myphoner, and under "Dialing" chose "Generic webphone".

Go to the connections section in your Telnyx account and look at the "Auth detail" of the user you want to register through myphoner

Then fill out the dialler settings in myphoner:

  • SIP Server: ¬†wss://
  • SIP URI: "" from the Auth detail field
  • Username: "username" from the Auth detail field

Then click on the big red "Update" button.

Start Dialling

Once you open a lead you'll be asked for a password for the dialler - type in or paste the password revealed in the connections section in Telnyx under "Auth details" for the connection (see above). Tick "Remember password" if you do not share your computer with others.

The dialler will appear in the bottom of your window, and you can dial by clicking the phone number of the lead or the phone icon in the dialler (the latter will call the first phone number of the lead).

Troubleshooting and known issues

If the dialler doesn't work, make sure that you have selected "London, UK" in the "AnchorSite"-field in the Telnyx connection settings.

If you are on a Mac using Chrome and the dialler keep on connecting without luck, try going to and connect through there - if prompted for certificate access CANCEL the prompt. Once cancelled, your dialler will start working.

Give us your feedback

We depend on your feedback - both positive and negative. So please get back to us once you have tried it out and let us now if it works for you, and what you would like to see improved.

Please note that call quality depends on both the quality of your Internet connection and your provider and myphoner has no influence on that.

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