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Email Setup - Outlook 365
Email Setup - Outlook 365
How to Connect Outlook 365 to send emails in Myphoner
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We often have the need to send follow up emails after calling a lead, with Myphoner you can do it directly! (If you have Gmail or Microsoft Outlook 365).

In this article we are going to show you how to setup your Outlook 365 account with Myphoner. 

If you have Gmail then click here to see how to setup your Gmail account. 

Follow the video below to setup or see the text instructions below.

Go to My Preferences & click on Email, click on Outlook 365 to start the process.

Add your Outlook 365 email address and click Next.

Add your Outlook 365 password and click Next.

If you've done it properly you will see the below image. 

To disconnect your email account simply select disconnect. 

Pro Tip: If in the future you have issues with your email sync try clicking Reconnect to resolve the issue.

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