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Your experience is our number one priority when using Myphoner Voice; we have thus created a rating system for Myphoner Voice calls as well as live quality metrics.

Voice Call Rating

Using this feature means that you'll be able to tell us about your experience good or negative, which allows us to improve our service and your overall experience.
Using the rating feature also ensures that we have all the required information to investigate problems without having to follow up with you for more information. 

Check out this video on how it works 

If you would like to rate a call after calling your lead click on the rating button that is now sitting next to the dial pad. Select the appropriate stars to rate your call.

If you rate the call anything less than five stars you will be prompted to provide more information. Select one of the four possible reasons you were not happy with the call and describe what happened (please give as much detail as possible). To finish; click on Submit. 

Once completed you will get a confirmation in the dialler.

From there our Voice team will proactively look at calls and make changes to improve your experience. 

Note: If you do contact support for voice quality issues, please do make sure to use the rating feature first as this will assist us with providing us with all the information we need to investigate the problem.

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