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Error Codes - Myphoner Voice

I keep getting error 480 temporarily unavailable or error 500 server error when calling. What do the error codes mean?

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When performing calls to public phone numbers, some of them will fail. The type of failure is returned with SIP status codes and messages, e.g. busy, invalid number, etc.

If a call fails, you will receive an error message within the dialler itself, on the left of the phone button.
We have created a shortlist of the status codes, the message and a description for each status code. 

Status code




Bad request

Malformed request, can be an invalid phone number used



The call was rejected for a specific reason (see sip message). It could be channel restriction or the maximum call rate being reached.


Not found

The phone number called does not exist


Proxy Authentication required

The username, password or call token is incorrect. Consider using the provisioning token fetched from the API service.


Temporarily Unavailable

The phone number could not be reached. Either the remote phone is unavailable or the number is no longer being used.


Busy Here

The number called is busy.


Not Acceptable Here

Sound or codec error.

Can be a problem with the sound device on the computer - or permissions to the sound device in the browser.

Please make sure you have given permission to use the mic in the browser.

Check that your sound works correctly on the PC.

Check/disable browser extensions/add-ons and try again.


Server error

There was an error on one of the servers handling the request. In many cases, this is due to a problem on the remote end. or an upstream provider. If too many server-error 500 is returned, please get in touch with us.


Busy Everywhere

Some times remote phone returns this instead of 486, which should be handled as busy



If the remote phone does not want to answer the call, this code can be returned

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