By default, we impose a few limits on calling with Myphoner Voice. This is to help you prevent excessive spending in case your leads have expensive numbers associated and to help us prevent fraud.

In particular, we have something we call "Max rate cost per call" which limits every single call to a certain cost per minute (rate). If your agents get the message "403 Customer have exceeded maximum call rate per call" this limit has been hit because they were trying to call a number with a high-cost rate. If you want to be able to conduct calls above this rate, you need to contact support to increase your limit.

We also employ "Max rate cost" which is the total cost your account can be conducting at any given moment across all calls. So if you have 10 agents calling, and their collective rate exceeds this limit, the next agent trying to start a call will get the message "403 Customer have exceeded maximum call rate". Again, to increase this limit, you must contact support.

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