If you have an iPhone and are using Mac OS X - and you are logged in on your iCloud account on both devices - you can use Facetime audio to dial using the phone subscription on you iPhone.

Go to "My preferences" by clicking the user icon to the upper right and choose "Dialing" in the left hand side menu. From the Dialer drop-down, choose "Other/tel protocol".

Now Facetime should pick up the clicks on phone numbers in myphoner, and let you dial using your iPhone subscription, as well as transfer the call to your iPhone.

Animation showing how dialing via Facetime audio looks.

Alternatively, for example if you are using Windows and have an iPhone, you can use PushToSmart which is a smartphone app and a desktop app that allow you to select a phone number in the browser and send it to your phone for dialing.

If you chose to use PushToSmart, we recommend that you set your dialer in myphoner to "None". That will make phone numbers easier to highlight/select using your mouse.

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