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Activity Feed/Activity Log

Where can I see the notes I added to a lead?

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The Activity Feed is located on the right-hand side of the lead view under the tab of the same name.

The feed provides an overview of the activity for this lead. It makes lead tracking and nurturing easy, as you can always see what happened recently and further back in time.

Most importantly, it shows how many call attempts have been made since the lead was imported, created or migrated to the New state.

Events in the feed are ordered so that the newest events are at the top.

You can edit the comment for an event by clicking the icon below the event, and you can delete the event entirely by clicking the icon.

Please note: Deleting events will affect statistics and reports. Only do so if the event was a mistake!

The lead activity feed shows call attempts for the lead and a log of events, the newest on top.

Note: When sending emails through Myphoner, you can stop the email from being sent within the first 30 seconds. Simply select 'undo sending' under the email activity, and the email won't be sent.

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