How do I change the outcome categories of a call?

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A lead has 5 states it can be in:

  • New

  • Call back (optionally scheduled or postponed)

  • Winner

  • Loser

  • Archived

These are solid, basic states and provide a good foundation for working and handling leads.

However, most companies like to analyse the result of a campaign to try and identify places where the next campaign can be optimized.

For this purpose, myphoner allows adding custom categories to each state, so that agents can (optionally) choose a category for the appropriate action when finishing a call.

The categories can later be analysed in the reports section of myphoner.

If you want to configure categories, simply go to the 'Categories' tab on the list configuration page.

Then input the categories of your choice - separate them with commas - and et voila, you have custom segmentation of your leads.

Please Note that categories are stored as simple text strings, and if you make a spelling mistake and later change the name of the category, any leads tagged with the old category will remain tagged with the misspelled version, so be careful with renaming categories in the middle of a campaign.

Input your desired categories in the list configuration...

...and pick the relevant category when calling a lead.

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