How do I enable auto-dial?
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Autodial is a great way to save time, depending on whether you are using the dialer or a softphone (click-to-call). See instructions below:

Enable Autodial on the Dialer

Simply click the Autodial button on the dialer to enable it and select again to diable the feature.

Force Autodial for the Dialer

Go to My Preference > Dialling > Force autodial. This will force the autodialer to work and not allow you to disable it on the dialer.

Enabling Autodial for Click-to-call

You can set up auto-dial from your user preferences. Go to My Preference > Dialling in the left-hand side menu. Then check Autodial.

Enabling auto-dial will make myphoner automatically "click" the first phone link on the page as soon as you view a lead.

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