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How claiming and dynamic lead distribution works

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Dynamic lead distribution

Once you have a list ready, you can ask your team to start calling leads. Don't worry, we'll make sure your agents are not calling the same lead by accident. We do that by utilising locks and claims on leads. Here's how that works:

When an agent view a lead, the system acquire a lock on that lead for that agent, so the lead is removed from all queues, and other agents won't be able to call it. When you perform an action on the lead, the lock is released. If you do nothing, the lock will expire and the lead will be reinserted into the queues after about an hour.

Claiming a lead means that the lead is now assigned to the agent that claimed it, other agents cannot call the lead and it will only appear in the queue of the agent that claimed it.

Leads are automatically claimed when you choose a time for callback and hit "Call Back" - We're simply assuming that since you want to call back at a specific time, it means that you spoke to someone, and in that case it should be you and not just anyone that calls back later.

Additionally, you can always claim a lead when looking at it, for example while you are talking to the lead. Simply click 'Claim now' right above the comment field.

If you do not want auto claim to happen, you should not choose a specific time for callback. callbacks that does not have a time on them just go to the end of the queue and are not claimed.

You can adjust how automatic claiming works if you want to. Go to "Manage" -> "Settings" -> and scroll down to the settings under "Claiming".

The locks and claims together constitutes what we call "Dynamic Lead Distribution", because leads are distributed to the team as they call through the list and claim the leads. Not only will this free managers from manually distribute leads, it will also distribute leads in a pace the suits each agent.

Manual lead distribution

Should you want to do manual distribution, either split your list in several, assigning each agent to her own list, or use segments.

Inspecting leads without locking them

If you only want to inspect leads without calling them and changing their state, then you can set "View leads only" from your preferences. This will allow supervisors and admins to view leads without setting the lock, so agents can work their queues uninterrupted.

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