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Connect your Twilio account

How to use our built-in webphone to call with your own Twilio account

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Read on if you want to connect and use your Twilio subscription to conduct calls in myphoner using our built-in dialer.


  • A subscription

  • Basic, Plus or Premium Plan

Setting it up

To connect Twilio to myphoner, you must first do a few tasks in your Twilio account. Log into your Twilio console and do the following:

Pro Tip: You can use the Search bar in Twilio (top right) to jump to any section within your Twilio account; just type in where you want to go.

Create a Caller ID

You'll need to add a phone number in Twilio if you don't have one; if not, go to Phone Numbers to buy one or Verified Caller IDs to add a number you own.

Adding a verified Caller ID in Twilio

Create a TwiML App

Next is to add a TwiML App; you can go to the Voice section, and under Manage, click TwiML apps.

Click Create New TwiML App, give it a name & click Create

Once created, copy the TwiML app SID to your clipboard or save it on a notepad.

Create a Voice function

Now find "Runtime" from the Twilio menu and choose "Functions". Then click the red plus to create a new function, select "Twilio Client Quickstart" from the templates and enter your TwiML App SID and Call ID that you just created.

You'll now need to create a new Function within Twilio; please note that you'll need to use Functions (Classic).

Click the blue + button to add a new function and select Twilio Client Quickstart. Input the TWIML_APP_SID & Caller_ID (or purchased number) & click Create.

Edit the "Twilio Client Quickstart (Voice calls)"-function, removing line 10 from the code:

answerOnBridge: true,

Delete the Twilio Client Quickstart (Capability Token), as this is unnecessary. Simply click on it & select Delete this Function.

Click on the Twilio Client Quickstart (Voice calls) function, and copy the Path by clicking the clipboard icon.

Go back to your TwiML App and paste the path into the "Request URL"-input field.

Configure the Voice function with your Caller ID and App SID

The last step in Twilio is to ensure the Caller ID is set in your Voice function. Go to Functions (Classic) & click Configure.

Add the Caller_ID & TWIML_APP_SID that you created previously and click Save.

Add Twilio to Myphoner

Go (or ask your account owner) to Manage -> Settings -> Dialler, select Twilio & enter in:

  • Twilio account sid

  • Twilio auth token

  • Twilio twiml app sid

Then click Save.

The last step is to enable Twilio on your user profile. To do so, go to Preferences > Dialling, under Dialler, select Twilio & click Update.

Start Dialling

That's all it takes. The dialler will appear at the bottom of your window when looking at a lead, and you can dial by clicking the phone number of the lead or the phone icon in the dialler (the latter will call the first phone number of the lead).

Give us your feedback.

We depend on your feedback - both positive and negative. So please get back to us once you have tried it out and let us know if it works for you and what you would like to see improved.

Please note that call quality depends on both the quality of your Internet connection and your provider and myphoner has no influence on that.

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