Using a smartphone with Myphoner

Get your iPhone or Android hooked up to do your Myphoner calls.

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We are sunsetting our native mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Please use the web app for mobile as described below.

To dial using your regular mobile subscription, simply log into Myphoner from your mobile phone's browser. Myphoner will direct you to a mobile page where you'll be prompted to call the leads you visit in your desktop browser when working your queue normally. Here's how you can expect things to look:

Screenshot: Logged into Myphoner on the mobile

1. Log into Myphoner on the mobile phone

2. Start working your Myphoner queue in your desktop or laptop browser

Screenshot: the phone prompts to call the lead using the regular phone

3. Your phone will automatically prompt you to call the lead

Advanced tips and tricks

If the phone enters lock screen it may miss a lead. No worries, simply swipe down and release to refresh the lead and dial it.

For an even smoother experience, we recommend saving Myphoner to your Home screen:

  • On an iPhone, click the sharing icon at the bottom of the browser, then select "Add to Home Screen".

  • On an Android phone, click the menu button in the upper right corner, then select "Add to Home Screen".

To make sure you register call attempts versus connected calls in our reports as precise as possible, please visit the report settings and adjust the way reports define "Non-conclusive conversations" - go to Manage -> Settings -> Reports and change the "Define Non-Conclusive Conversations" to either Schedule actions or specific categories.


On Android with Chrome: If you keep getting logged out or taken back too far when navigating back to Myphoner from the phone call, then here are a few things you can do:

  • Use the Overview button and switch back to Myphoner instead of using the Back button

  • Make sure you are not looking at a lead when logging in on your phone so that the first screen on the phone says "No lead selected". Only then start working your queue from your desktop/laptop computer.

Using the legacy mobile app

You can also use our smartphone app to turn your mobile into a Myphoner-connected telephone with click-to-dial. The app is no longer maintained in favor of the new web-based experience (see above) and will be sunsetting in April 2024.

To enable and start using the mobile app, download the app, log in and start dialing from your desktop browser - when you click to dial from your desktop, the number will be pushed to the mobile app and will prompt you to dial using your regular mobile phone.

Please view our short screencast (1:22) to see how the legacy app works.

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