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Setting Up Your Account - Agent
Setting Up Your Account - Agent

Getting started with Myphoner as an agent

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New to Myphoner? Let's take you through getting your account set up so you can start dialing. 

You will receive an email in your inbox inviting you to set up an account with Myphoner. 

Simply open the email and click "Accept Invitation".

Once you've accepted the invitation, you will be asked to set up your password, input a new password and confirm. Then press

Note: If your manager selects SSO when creating your account, the process will be slightly different; instead of creating a password, you will simply log in with your SSO credentials.

You will be taken to your brand new Myphoner account! Before moving forward, please accept our terms and conditions by clicking on the accept button. 

Not one for reading? Check out the video below on how to get setup.

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