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Reset Your Password/Forgot Password

How to Reset Your Password

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Here is a video on resetting your password once logged into Myphoner or, if you've forgotten your password, how to get a new one. 

Prefer Text Instructions? 

Resetting your password couldn't be simpler; simply go to "My Preferences" and click on "Credentials". From there, add a new password and confirm it, then click "Save".

Forgotten your Password? No problem, 

1. Go to your Myphoner subdomain and click on Forgot Password.

2. Input your email address & click "Send Reset Instructions".

3. Check your email and follow the "Change My Password" Link

4. Add your new password, confirm and click "Change my password" to finish. You will automatically log into your account and receive a password change confirmation email.

Note: If your account uses SSO you will not be able to change your password using the method above. You will need to do so via Microsoft sign on.

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