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Myphoner allows you to set things up just the way you like it so you can get dialling with ease. Let's check out working preferences and see what you can do. 

Go to your My Preferences and then click on Working. 

View Leads Only
Normally with Myphoner you when you are looking at a lead it is locked for everyone else. This means they cannot update the lead or make a call. You may want to disable this feature so that when you look at a lead others can still interact with it. 

Note: Anyone who has view leads only will not be able to interact with the leads themselves only view them

Include Unclaimed In Schedule
Selecting this means you can see all your claimed leads that are scheduled as well as unclaimed leads. This is useful to follow up with prospects after a team member unclaimed the lead. 

Hot Keys
At Myphoner we understand that saving seconds means making money, using Hot Keys you are able to save time. Activate hotkeys and use your keyboard to do all the heavy lifting. 

Setting Default Actions

These actions change the way you follow up with your leads in Myphoner. These setting just makes life a little easier and quicker for you.

Check out this handy step by step tutorial

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