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Sometimes it's great to check your email in the mornings and see the scheduled leads for the day, sometimes it's not. You can easily change your notification settings anytime by going to My Preferences and clicking on Notifications.ย 

Scheduled Leads: Select this if you would like to receive a list of scheduled leads every morning, it's great to go through with a cup of coffee!
โ€‹Send an email when lead is due: Does what it says, sends an email when a lead is 2 minutes from being due. We are smart though, if you're' looking at the lead we won't bug you.

Send an email when a lead becomes overdue: Forgot to call a lead? No problem we will send you a reminder a day later and you can follow up.

If you send an email and there are errors processing your dropbox email, you will in turn get an email telling you about the error.

Check out the video below for a step by step guide.


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