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Working with leads is what you'll be doing most of the time with Myphoner.

Check out this video for an in-depth view on leads

Lead Information

Below you can see the lead information, this allows you to quickly view important information as well as call and/or email the lead by selecting the clickable links. 

  1. If there are any notifications such as overdue callbacks.

  2. You are able to select the phone or mobile number and your primary dialler will come up or start calling if using Myphoner Voice. 

  3. Clicking the email link will bring up your desktop email client and will automatically add your email dropbox in order to attach the email contents to the lead. 

  4. When working with leads you can claim them by clicking "Claim now" or if already claimed simply click "Give back" to unclaim. 

Lead Activity
Under activity you will be able to see any and all interactions completed on the lead as follows:

  1. See the call attempts made by any agent to the specific lead. 

  2. See the action selected after working with leads such as Call back & Winner.

  3. See any comments written by agents as well as any email's sent to the lead either using Myphoner or using the email dropbox

Lead Colleagues

Sometimes you'll be working on multiple leads within the same company, sometimes you'll want to see if there are any other leads associated with the company or add a colleague. 

  1. Click the Colleagues tab to:

  2. View colleagues already associated with the lead, simply click the colleagues name and the lead will come up.

  3. You can add colleagues by clicking Add colleague and then fill out the form.

Editing A Lead

As you interact with leads new information might come up and you will need to edit a lead. You can do this by:

  1. Click the edit button.

  2. You can then edit any of the fields that are there. 

  3. Click Save to save the changes made. 

Please note that some fields are required when you click an action button such as Callback or Winner, if this happens you will get an error as per below and need to add in the additional information before moving to the next lead. 

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