Buying & Removing Seats

Buying Seats & Adding Users

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We've recently changed the way you add users to Myphoner, we've done this to streamline invoicing and to make it easier to remove and add users within your account.

Buying Seats

Before adding users you now need to buy seats, this can easily be done by going to Manage > Seats and then adding to the number of seats already in the account.

Once the seats have been bought you will be charged immediately for the seats (pro-rata), and you will see seats will show up as available. Thus in the above example, you can see that there are two used seats (in blue) and three available seats (in green).

You (or anyone with applicable rights) can add users. To add users have a look at this helpful article.

Removing Seats

If you need to remove seats and have no available seats left, you will need to go to the user management section and remove users first. This can quickly be done by going to Manage > Users and then delete the applicable users. (Note you will be asked to confirm deletion of users and need to confirm before the user is deleted).

Once you have available seats, to remove the seats you simply need to change the seat number, for the example below we went from 5 seats to 2.

Your account will be credited back for the days the seats where not used within the specific month.

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