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Detailed Report

How to create a detailed report within the Review tab

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To go to the detailed reports we must first click on Review > Details as shown in the image below:

The detailed report is very straight forward in its creation. We can filter the data by Time frame, lists, agents, kinds and categories.

For the time frame, we have a drop down menu where we have predetermined time periods and a "custom" option:

If we click custom, we will get calendars that allow us to customise our time period:

Once we have chosen the time frame, we will move on to the lists option. Here we can filter the data by choosing a specific list. To do so, we must click the text bar next to the word list. We will then get a drop down menu with all our lists as shown in the image below:

The same will happen when clicking on the agents text bar

The "kinds" option is a bit different. Here we have a predetermined option. The field is automatically filled with the kinds shown below:

If you would like to eliminate any of them, just click on the "x" on the left side of every kind.

If you eliminate any of them or click on the bar, you will get options like the ones below:

Finally, we have the "categories" bar. Here we can filter by the categories we have created for the action buttons. This bar will be unavailable until we choose a list:

This happens because the categories depend on the list for which they were created. Once we have chosen a list, we will get a drop down menu for the categories of that list:

Afte we have created a report, we will get information on all leads interactions related to the filters you chose.

The report can be downloaded or printed using the buttons on the top right corner of the page. If you would like to change the filters you chose originally, there is a button at the top right:

After we have created the report, we can group the results by a few options. The menu is located at the top left side of the page:

It can be used to group by list, date, agent, kind and category.

Finally, we can print or download the report by clicking on the respective buttons:

For the complete explanation, watch this video:

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