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These duplicates are available while calling through the queue. You can see when the lead you are viewing has a duplicate. You just have to click on the warning button as shown below:

In the image below, You can see that the lead has possible duplicates:

At the top right hand corner, there's the notification stating there are 2 possible duplicates:

There are several options on what to do with the them:

The image shows the option to merge, ignore and delete.

  1. If you choose "Merge", the duplicates will merge and you'll have all the information in one lead.

  2. The "Ignore" option, will remove the leads from duplicate detection and they'll be treated as a normal lead and not a duplicate.

  3. Finally, you can delete the duplicate leads and only the lead you are looking at will remain.

If you click the three dots, a menu will drop down showing the previous options plus a new one. The last option allows you to see the "full merge view".

This allows you to see all the lead information as well as which lead you would keep and which lead would merge. You can see that at the top left corner of each lead:

This view is also helpful because it allows you to choose carefully what to do with the lead. The options on what to do with the leads are very similar except for one:

As you can see, you have the option to "flip" the leads. All this does is switch the two leads you're looking at so that the one you were "keeping" you are now "merging" and vice versa.

Please see our video below:

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