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This allows you to create a report and then merge, ignore or delete the duplicates one by one.

In order to create the report, first decide which list you want to search. If no list is chosen, then it will look at all lists. There's also the option to " only show duplicates if they belong to one of the lists chosen". This will limit the duplicate Report to the list or lists chosen:

After the paramaters are set, you'll see something like this:

It shows that all list were chosen, the internal only box was not checked and the total number of duplicates.

Below that, you'll see the duplicates:

The information that you see is very similar to the previous way of dealing with duplicates. First you can see the lead information on the left side and some options on the right.

The options from left to right are, merge, flip keeping/merging, expanded merge view and more options.

If you choose "merge" the duplicates will merge and that way you'll have all the information in one lead. The flip keeping/merging option switches the leads you're looking at so that the one you were "keeping" you are now "merging" and vice versa.

If you choose expanded merge view, you'll see an expanded version of the leads like the one shown previously in this article:

If you click on more options, you'll see the same options plus one that says delete, which will delete the duplicates and keep the lead you're viewing at the moment:

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