Myphoner Network Quality Tool

Learn how to understand if call issues are due to local network or not.

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It can be frustrating to experience bad quality calls, and it's even more frustrating to understand how to fix the issue.

We've built a simple to use tool to help you understand if the problem could be a local network related issue.

Call Quality

Once a call is started Myphoner begins analysing the quality of the call in terms of your network. We take into account network latency, jitter, packet loss and codec/compression.

This results in the agent either seeing a green, orange or red dot on the dialler.

Green is excellent to good call quality and you should not be having calling issues.

Orange is fair to poor quality and means you might have some impairment when calling but not very noticeable.

Red means bad and that your network is not optimized for calling and you should look into your network and internet connection.

Once you hover on the colours you'll be able to see the exact quality metric.

If you have a green icon but calls are of bad quality, it could be an issue with the receiver (the lead being called) or the provider. In this case, you should report the call to us using the rating tool.

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