Time Tracking for Managers

Manage all time tracking features!

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It's so important to manage your time! Myphoner allows you to keep track off agents before, during and after they call.

Go to Manage > Time

Look at all that information!

Divide by types of timers, agents, organize by newest or oldest, look at specific days of the week and even add new entries. What can't you do?!

Pro tip: You'll be able to view real time timers that are actioned by your agents.

Now we arrive at the settings!

Here you can decide how much time transpires before the agents gets a warning message telling them they are idle. Remember, you can always disable the agents' ability to create and edit timers.

Follow along with our video guide


Time tracking is only available in Plus & Premium Accounts if you'd like this feature please chat with a Myphoner representative.

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