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Set up your call groups and flows!

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This feature can make your life so much easier! All inbound calls will go through a specific process that we'll help you design!

Check out our detailed video on how to get started, or follow along below

There are 3 options that you'll need to go over in order to do this:

Media Files

This is where you'll upload audio files that will then be used in voicemail drop, IVR menu or simply as music. Click on "upload file" and fill in the information:

Call Groups

These are great if you would like the call to go to different agents depending on the option chosen by the caller in the IVR menu or if you would like to limit inbound calls to a specific group of agents.

Choose the name of the group

and add the members:

Call Flows

Here's where it all happens!

As soon as you decide on the name for the call flow, the next step is to add the desired actions from the "actions toolbar" and drag them to the "drop zone".

Play Message

Each action will ask you for specific information. In the case of the "play message" action, you'll just have to add an audio file to be played for the caller.

IVR Menu

The IVR menu has more options but still simple to use. Name, intro message, menu timeout and don't forget to click on the fourth option if you'd like the message to be repeated after the last option.

After that is done, you can add new items that will determine what will happen after the caller clicks on that option.

Once you decide on the number or symbol, drag another action to the item you have just created.

Go To Call Flow

This is truly great! You can actually add a step that goes to a preciously created call flow. This is particularly helpful if there is a complicated call flow that you want to use many times but change slightly.

Direct Call

This particular action can be used by itself if you just want clients to reach a particular phone number or agent. Another option is to add it in an IVR menu. For example, if one of the options is "complaints" and you only have one agent handling complaints, you would add a direct call to that agent.

Call Group

In case you have several agents that are available to receive calls, a call group is the way to go.

Hang Up

End the call! Only use this as the last step.

Remember when using Call Groups & Flows you need to have a number rented through us. If you need help getting on setup email [email protected] for more information.

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