Archiving a User

Learn the benefits of archiving a user versus deleting one.

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Users come and go within a company; sometimes, they even come back. The ability to archive users makes the process much simpler.

Archive User

An archived user is a user that no longer takes up a seat while still keeping their data and credentials within Myphoner, allowing them to be restored at any time.

Archive users data will still be visible in Reports (such as Agent & Detail reports).

Archiving a user will result in the following:

When a lead becomes archived, the following happens:

  • User will be unassigned from lists, locked & claimed leads would be released.

  • Any user webhooks will be removed.

  • The user will no longer have access to Myphoner & a seat will become available.

  • Reporting will continue to show historical stats for this user

To archive a user:

  1. Go to Manage > Users.

  2. Click on the trash can next to the user.

  3. Select "Archive User".

  4. The user will be archived, and you'll get a confirmation notification.

To restore a user

  1. Go to Manage > Users.

  2. Click on Archived.

  3. Next to the user, select the "Restore User" icon.

  4. The user will be moved to active users & a seat will be taken up.

Note: An archived user can be restored, but assigned lists, email, and webhooks will have to be restored manually afterwards.

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