Configure Agent Reports

Learn how to configure agent report card to show the data you really care about.

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Agent reports are important as it allows managers and agents to understand how the agents are performing on an individual and group basis.

Myphoner gives you the power to decide which metrics you want to view on the agent card & agent list views.

In order to configure the agent report, you need to have Agent Manager or Account Manager privileges.

Configuring Agent Report

To configure the agent report go to Manage > Reports & view design your agent stat cards view.

By default, we enable metrics that we think are important. However, we encourage you to remove the metrics that you don't need and add ones you do.

Adding & Removing Metrics

To add a metric simply click on the desired one and move it to the spot on the agent card or agent stats compact view and it will drop into place.

To remove a metric, simply click on it and place it in the box where the unused metrics are.

You can have different metrics for the agent card view & the stats compact view.

Note: Any and all changes made to the agent report goes live immediately.

Reset to Defaults

At any point, you want to go back to the default metrics that the account started with you can simply click Reset to defaults

Understanding the Metrics

Check out this article to get a good understanding of the 35+ metrics we offer in the agent report.

New Metrics

If there is a metric that you'd like but is not being shown, email us at [email protected] and let us know what metric and why it's important to you. We'll evaluate it and add it if the metric will add value to other clients as well.

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