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How to monitor agent activities when using the dialer

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The ability to monitor agents as they are working is important, especially in the initial training phase. With our live monitoring tool, supervisors and managers can monitor agents when using Myphoner Voice. Managers are able to:

  1. View which leads an agent is working on.

  2. Listen to the conversation.

  3. Talk to the agent (whisper).

Get Started

In order to view agents go to Call > Live Monitoring. Next to each agent, you will be able to view:

  • Lead name

  • List name

  • Call destination (the number being called)

  • Call state (initiated, calling, incall, terminated)

  • Timer

  • Duration


Orange signifies a call has started, however, the lead has not picked up.

Green signifies there is an active call.

Action to Perform

When an agent is on an active call you have two options, either listen in and/or whisper.

Listen: when selecting the listen icon the dialer will activate and you'll be connected to the agent and will be able to hear the call.

Whisper: In the dialer, there is a microphone icon, once selected you will be able to talk to the agent and the lead will not be able to hear. (Listen needs to be active first).

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