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Quick guide on how to use new "no answer time out", "postpone on busy" & "archive on invalid" features.

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Our Intelligent Retry Strategies feature is a great way for your team to make more calls in less time using some simple logic.

Note: This feature can only be used when autodial is enabled.To enable: go to My preferences > Dialing. There you will find an Intelligent retry strategies section.

There are 3 different strategies you can use, “no answer time out”, postpone on busy & archive on invalid.

‘No answer timeout’ you can choose for how long the system should be calling in order to categorize a lead as ‘no answer’. If there is no answer for the chosen amount of time, the lead will be postponed and you will see the next one.

The ‘Postpone on busy’ feature allows you to set a time when to get back to a lead in case the line is busy. This feature will help you not to lose leads that were busy at the time of calling. The lead will get categorized as ‘Busy’, and you will move to the next one.

When the ‘Archive on invalid’ function is on - all leads that appear to have an invalid number will be automatically archived. The lead gets categorized as ‘Invalid number’.

Even though this feature is extremely useful it also might be harmful so you need to consider this before turning it on. If there is an issue with the list (incorrect prepend number, for instance) a lot of leads can quickly become invalid.

Note: If your leads have more than 1 number and you want to call each number you might not want to use this feature.

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