Pipedrive Integration using Zapier

Learn how to send a qualified lead to Pipedrive

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Pipedrive is a great tool that enables sales teams to manage qualified leads and is an overall sales customer relationship management tool.

By integrating Myphoner with Pipedrive qualified leads can more easily be added to Pipedrive, removing the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

If you're not too sure what Zapier is, check out an article from them and then come back to this article.

Let's get started with integrating Pipedrive with Zapier.

Get Your API Key

You'll use an API key to connect your calendar app with Myphoner, depending on the purpose of the integration you might want to use your personal API key or one for the whole account.

You can connect with your personal API key which is found under My profile -> Credentials, or you can connect with the account API key, which is found under Manage -> Settings -> Integrations/API. View details about getting and using API keys.

Understanding The Flow

Before getting started with creating the automation you need to make sure you understand what your aims are such as:

  1. When should the information be sent to Pipedrive?

  2. What action must be taken within Pipedrive?

  3. What information must be sent.

  4. What happens once the information is in Pipedrive.

For example:

  1. You want to create a lead within Pipedrive once you have a Winner (or category) on a particular list in Myphoner.

  2. Pipedrive searches for an existing Lead and if one doesn’t exist it creates one.

  3. Lead information such as below is needed

    1. Full Name

    2. Company Name

    3. Telephone Number

    4. Email Address

    5. Product Interested In

    6. Relevant notes

  4. Once the lead is in Pipedrive, Pipedrive automation takes over and creates a deal and adds a product.

  5. Note: You can use Zapier to do action 4 however as Pipedrive have their own workflow automation platform we recommend using that as it is more cost-effective than using Zapier.

We’re going to take you through the above example and show you how to use Zapier to send a qualified lead into Pipedrive.

Note: Depending on your companies unique workflow the above example won't fit, there are different ways to send information to Pipedrive and populate it as needed.

Creating the Zap

Now that you've prepared everything in Myphoner you can go ahead and create the zap in Zapier.

The Trigger

  1. Log into Zapier and click on Create Your Zap.

  2. Search and select Myphoner under Search Apps.

  3. Under Trigger Event select the appropriate action button (in our case it's New Winner) and click Continue.

  4. Under Choose an Account you'll either need to add your Myphoner account or if you already have the account details simply click on the account. (Remember when adding your account take note of which API key you are using). Click Save & Continue.

  5. Next, you'll need to select the list you want to create the zap for & click Save & Continue.

  6. Next, you can test the trigger and see if it will work, Zapier will look for leads that have been worked within the list itself. Click Continue.

Optional Filter

If you are using a category of an action button you'll need to set up a filter, you can do this by:

  1. Click the blue + button and select Filter.

  2. Under Only continue if select the category field, by choose condition select (Text) Contains and then under enter or select value input the name of the category.

  3. Test and see if the zap would work, if not you'll need to troubleshoot till it does.

Create the Action

Now we are finally ready to actually create the action for Pipedrive and get the desired lead information sent over.

Creating a Person

  1. Under "Choose app & event" search for Pipedrive.

  2. Under Action Event select the desired event (in this case it will be Create Person) & click continue.

  3. You'll either need to choose your account or connect it with Zapier, then click Save & Continue

  4. Now it's time to set the information you want to use for the new Person, such as Name, Owner, Organization, etc. Note:

    1. You can either use Myphoner field data or Pipedrive information. For example:

    2. Under name selecting the applicable field in Myphoner;

    3. Under Owner, selecting the sales executive that will own the lead in Pipedrive

  5. Fill out all the required fields and select Continue

  6. Always test and review the zap before turning it on.

  7. Once you get a successful test all you need to do is click Turn on Zap.

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