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Saved Exports

Learn how to easily save and run exports out of Myphoner

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Find yourself running the same reports over and over?

Now you can save your exports and run them with one click using the Pipeline Exports function.

It runs exactly the same as Export Migrations, with the ability to save and run them again later.

Getting Started

To get started go to Manage > Pipeline > Exports, & select New export.

Create the Export

  1. Give your export a name.

  2. Select the list that you want to move the leads from.

  3. You can then select the specific criteria by selecting desired:

    1. States (callback/winner/loser/archive)

    2. Categories - these will be dependant on the states selected and the list itself.

    3. Which agent have the leads claimed?

    4. Only unclaimed and or/ only overdue leads.

  4. Filter on Lead data: You can add additional conditions/filters based on the list fields.

  5. Lastly, you'll need to complete the export, you can select Save and run now to export the required data. Note the export will be sent to you via email.

  6. Note you can click Save and test in order to see if it would work out as desired, however not required.

    You will then a screen showing exactly what was run and giving you the ability to Run again or Configure & test again.

    Manage Existing Exports

    To manage existing exports go to Manage > Pipeline > Exports. You have the ability to:

    1. Download the export again - do this by clicking the download button.

    2. Reconfigure the export- select the settings button.

    3. Delete the automation - click trash can and confirm the deletion.

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