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Setting Up Payment in Myphoner
Setting Up Payment in Myphoner

Learn how to quickly setup your billing address & payment method in Myphoner

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You've just finished your trial or you are wanting to test Myphoner Voice, which is great! That does mean you'll need to add your billing and payment details to Myphoner, here is a quick guide:

Billing Address

Adding your billing address is 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to Manage > Accounts > Billing Information

  2. Add your details such as:

    1. Company Name

    2. Contact Number (Optional)

    3. VAT number (only if registered in the EU).

    4. Full Address

  3. Click Save Account Details

Payment Setup

To set up payment you need to decide if you'll be adding a company card or a PayPal account, once decided you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Manage > Accounts > Payment Method

  2. Select Credit Card & PayPal

  3. Go through the process of adding your card or Paypal email.

    1. If adding a card you might need to complete 3D Secure depending on your card.

  4. Make sure to click Save and that under Payment method your card/Paypal account is showing.

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