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Implement account wide queue settings that work for your team

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Myphoner enables you to make a decision on how the queue should work on an account-wide basis. We offer 2 types of queue algorithms, Next Best Lead & Most Due First.

Here is a quick explanation of these 2 options:

Next Best Lead

This simply means that the queue will prioritize leads that are least overdue.

For example, a lead was scheduled to be called at 2pm, however it is not 2:10pm, the agent didn't call the lead thus it will remain at the top of the queue.

Most Due First

The queue will prioritize leads that are most overdue.

For example, lead A was scheduled to be called on Monday, lead B was scheduled to be called Tuesday, it is not Wednesday and lead A will be top of the queue with lead B below it.

Changing the Setting

Changing the setting is simple and take immediate effect:

  1. Go to Manage > Settings > Workflow Settings

  2. Under Queue Algorithm select either Next Best Lead or Most Due First

  3. Click Save.

Please Note:

  • The queue algorithm controls how your follow-ups are prioritised. Read more in our queueing guide.

  • Prioritising new leads is controlled on each individual list from the list configuration under "Queueing".

  • Users can also add filters to their queue and control sorting of unscheduled leads. The user queue settings are individual to each user.

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