Advanced filters allow agents to filter the queue based on specific criteria based on field data in the list.

If you are familiar with Segments, then you can think of it as creating a segment within the queue itself.

A few things to note:

  • When applying the filter it only affects the specific agents queue no others.

  • Agents can apply the filter on any queue, this includes segments.

  • The filter applies to the specific list only.

Now with that out of the way let's get started.

Enable Advanced Filters

In order for agents to use the feature managers need to first enable it on the account, this can be done by going to:

  1. Manage > Settings > Workflow Setting > Queues

  2. Under Advanced Filters click the box.

  3. Click Save.

Working with Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters

Using advanced filters you can filter the queue to show only leads that meet specific criteria based on the field data that is in the list.

Sort unscheduled leads by: you to sort the leads by the fields within the list.

Filter on lead data

This feature enables you to filter your queue conditionally, this means that you can change the queue to only show leads that match specific criteria.

For example, You want to call leads that are in a specific city, using the city field you can match leads with the said city (in the example below Colares).

Multiple Conditions

You can add multiple conditions. All conditions on distinct fields will be applied to the segment with AND.

Multiple conditions on the same field will be applied with OR so you can have one segment that matches City One OR City Two AND receives newsletter.

Note: The advanced filter only applied to the list you are currently working on & will be saved for future use on the specific list.

Removing filters

To remove the advanced filter conditions, hover the mouse to the right of each condition statement. A bin icon will appear - click it to remove that condition:

To reset sorting, just select "State last changed at" from the "Sort unscheduled leads by" select box. Once you have the advanced filters set back to the default settings, the blue info box will disappear and the filters accordion will collapse.

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