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How to use the text editor & upload images
How to use the text editor & upload images

How to use our built in editor to easily create templates, scripts & more

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Our WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to create stand out content within Myphoner. The editor can be used when creating email templates, signatures, scripts & drafting emails.

Overview of the Editor

When looking at the editor you'll notice the different functions such as:

  • Creating bold & italic text

  • Creating headers & quotes

  • Bullets and number points, along with indenting.

  • Attaching images

The editor works in a similar way as Google docs or your mobile device, either:

  • Select the required function and type your text or,

  • Simply highlight the text and then select the function.

Attaching an Image

Our editor enables you to add images within Myphoner this can be done in 2 ways:

  • Simply drag & drop the image

  • Select the attachment function and select the desired image.

Once the image is uploaded you can add a caption.

Note: We only support jpeg & png files at this point.

Video Overview

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