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Non-Conclusive Conversation
Non-Conclusive Conversation

Learn what a non-conclusive conversation is and how to set it up within Myphoner.

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When calculating certain metrics for the Agent Report in Myphoner the platform needs to understand when an agent managed to speak (connect) with contact or not (attempted to). As Myphoner allows for 3rd part telephony systems it is difficult to determine this, thus we created criteria for what we call a non-conclusive conversation.

Simply put a non-conclusive conversation is when the agent spoke to a contact however the conversation didn't lead to a winner or a loser.

Set Up Non-Conclusive Conversation

In order to get started with setting the non-conclusive conversation:

  1. Go to Manage > Settings > Reports

  2. Next to "Define Non-Conclusive Conversations" select the appropriate criteria from the drop-down.

  3. Click Save

  4. If you've selected "Callbacks with certain categories" you'll need to add the conversation categories and click Save again.

  5. OR "Callbacks with at least one call having a duration of X seconds or more" you'll need to add the Connect call threshold (in seconds) and click Save again.

Setting up non-conclusive conversations
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