Create Text Message Templates

Easily create & edit text message templates for your team

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Text message templates save time and ensure consistent messaging within the sales team. Learn how to set up a template for your sales team easily.

Manage > Lists

On this page, you will see all your lists along with a few options at the end of each list.

After you click the Configure option, click Texts, and you're ready to start creating your template. To create a new template, simply click the New Template button.

You will need to add a template name & add the desired text message to the body and use merge tags to automatically customize the text for leads using the fields from that specific list. Once you are happy with the text message, click Create.

Once your message is created, you can view it under Preview.


You can send longer messages using concatenation; please note your provider will charge for each message. We show you the possible number of messages your text will come to.

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