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What is Automatic ASR Protection?
What is Automatic ASR Protection?

Learn about the ASR protection manager built into Myphoner Voice

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You might have seen a warning within Myphoner around ASR and the automatic ASR protection, but what exactly does it mean?

Firstly ASR simply means answer seizure ratio, which means that the ratio of connected calls to total calls is lower than ideal.

Once you go below 40%, our automatic ASR protection manager will become enabled, which involves:

  • Disabling autodial & intelligent retry strategies (if previously enabled)

  • Disallowing the caller from ending the call before connection.

When you return to a Good ASR rating in 24 hours, the ASR manager will disengage, and you can use the features as per normal.

For an in-depth understanding, check out our article on VoIP Reputation Management.

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