If you want to connect and use your own Twilio subscription to conduct calls in myphoner using our built-in webphone, then read on.


  • A Twilio.com subscription
  • Enrolment in our beta tester programme (talk to support)

Setting it up

Create a TwiML App and a Voice function

In the current implementation, the Twilio integration requires an external endpoint to provide so called "capability tokens". For testing purposes, this can be done with Twilio functions from the twilio console.

To set up the needed functions, you need to perform a few of the steps from the twilio javacsript client quickstart guide:

  1. Create a TwiML Application and Gather Twilio account information
  2. Create the quickstart functions
  3. Configure your quickstart functions
  4. Point your TwiML App to your function

Once done, you can delete the Twilio Client Quickstart (Capability Token) function as we are not going to use that.

Enable the Twilio dialler in myphoner

Go (or ask your account owner) to Manage -> Settings -> Dialling and enter your Twilio credentials. Collect the credentials from your Twilio Console Dashboard and from the TwiML App you just created.

Then go to your preferences in myphoner, and under "Dialing" chose "Built in twilio-integrated dialler". 

If these settings and options is not present, contact support. We need to enrol you in our beta-programme and enable the feature for your account.

Start Dialling

That's all it takes. The dialler will appear in the bottom of your window when looking at a lead, and you can dial by clicking the phone number of the lead or the phone icon in the dialler (the latter will call the first phone number of the lead).

Give us your feedback

The Twilio integration and our built-in webphone are in beta. This means two things:

  1. You might encounter bugs and/or inconvenient situations during use.
  2. We depend on your feedback - both positive and negative.

So please get back to us once you have tried it out and let us now if it works for you, and what you would like to see improved.

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