The definitions of "Winner" in the context of myphoner.

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Hitting the Winner button will mark the lead as won and take it out of the queue. You can later export and/or move won leads to another list for further work.

Pro Tip: Make one list for each step in your pipeline. Mark leads as winner when they complete that step (e.g. Meeting Appointment made) and set up a pipeline automation, to move them into the next step in your pipeline and re-inject them into the queue by setting their state to 'Call Back'.

Set a follow-up time for winners, and they will be scheduled for that time after being migrated to the 'Call Back' state.

Note: Selecting a time for follow-up will not inject a won lead into the queue, but can be useful if the lead is later taken to another list and put back into either the Call Back or New state.

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