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How to move leads using pre-configured rules

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Myphoner allows you to create simple pipelines that you can manually run at any given time.

What is Pipeline Automations?

Simply put you can move/manipulate leads using pre-configured rules to move them through your desired pipeline.

Note this feature is only available for Plus & Premium Plans, all other plans have access to migrations.

Consider Pipelines

Before you create pipeline automation there are a few key elements to consider:

  • When moving leads from one list to another existing list: fields from list 'A' need to exist in list 'B' or the automation will fail.

  • Could using Segments get the same results that you need for the workflow? Segments allow leads to automatically be moved to a 'mini list' once they reach certain criteria, the leads will still exist in the main list.

Create Automation

To create automation go to Manage > Pipeline > Create Automation

  1. Give your automation a name.

  2. Select the list that you want to move the leads from.

  3. You can then select the specific criteria by selecting desired:

    1. States (callback/winner/loser/archive)

    2. Categories - these will be dependant on the states selected and the list itself.

    3. Which agent has the leads claimed?

    4. Only unclaimed and or/ only overdue leads.

  4. Filter on Lead data: You can add additional conditions/filters based on the list fields. Note: The target list needs to be selected before adding filters

  5. Select the target list = ie the list that the leads must be moved to. Note: It can be the same list (for example if you want to simply change states.

Define Changes to the Leads

The next step is to decide what change you want to make for the leads that will be selected from the above criteria.

  1. Mark leads as - allows you to either keep the disposition the same or change them as needed (for example callback leads to new).

  2. Delegate leads - allows you to have the leads claimed by a particular agent.

  3. Give back leads - sets the leads back to an unclaimed state.

  4. Reset follow-ups - this will queue the leads for immediate calling.

  5. Reset activity log - deletes activity log, makes lead look brand new.

Lastly, you'll need to complete the automation, we always suggest clicking 'Save & Test' first as you can then see if there would be an error/work as expected.

Once you're satisfied that everything is working well simply click Save and run now.

You will then a screen showing exactly what was run and giving you the ability to Run again or Configure & test again.

Lastly, on this screen, you'll see the exact 'runs completed' and all the information of the automation

Manage Existing Automation

To manage existing automation go to Manage > Pipeline > Automation. You have the ability to:

  1. Run the automation again - do this by clicking the play button.

  2. Reconfigure the automation - select the settings button.

  3. Delete the automation - click trash can and confirm deletion.

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