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Integration Strategies

What you should consider when looking to integrate Myphoner with other apps

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Deciding on an integration strategy

Would you like to use myphoner to regularly follow up on customers and contacts that are managed by your CRM system or any app in your tech stack?

How do you generate leads? Do you buy them from a marketing database, or collect them from a web form? Do you browse the Internet and write them down manually? Would you like those leads to appear in myphoner automatically?

What happens when you've got a winner? Do you send them a welcome email, trigger an onboarding process, send them to shipping or invoicing, or something else? Would you benefit from automating these workflows?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this guide is for you.

Identify data exchange points

Believe it or not, setting up the integration is easy. All you need to know is what the lifecycle of your data is like and what events in your process should trigger a data exchange.

Okay, so you need to know what events from other systems could trigger calling a new lead? Let's see...

  • Someone signs up for your newsletter

  • Someone follows you on Twitter

  • Someone emails to ask about your products...

And what happens when a lead becomes a winner in myphoner? Well, you can

  • email the lead

  • assign a key account manager

  • update a Google spreadsheet

  • book a meeting into the calendar

  • let the product delivery team know.

Once identified you must break all these items down into Triggers and Actions
For example:

  • When I get a new Twitter follower I want to create a lead in myphoner.

  • When I have a new winner in myphoner I want to create an event in my Google calendar.

Setup Fields in Myphoner

Once you have identified and understand how you need the workflow to trigger which actions it's important to ensure you have the right fields within Myphoner. If the fields aren't set up you can't send information in or out of Myphoner. Our in-depth article will take you through the ins & outs

Setup Triggers in Myphoner

If you are planning on sending data out of Myphoner you'll need to decide on what the trigger should be. A trigger can be anything that occurs within Myphoner once a lead is actioned.

Generally speaking, using a disposition or a disposition category as a trigger works well. If using a disposition as a trigger such as a call back, winner, loser or archive there is no further prep you need to do. However, most workflows will require you to use a category which you'll need to set up first.

Once the fields and triggers are set up you can go ahead and start integrating with your app of choice using any of the integration partners of your choice or our API.

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