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Learn how to setup the dialler

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To make calls using Myphoner you will first need to setup your dialler preferences. Depending how you do this Myphoner will work a little bit differently. Firstly let's look at how you will get there.

In the image above you see a few different options, firstly there is autodial. This is always turned off when your account is created however if you turn it on you will very quickly see the benefits of it. When a new lead comes up in the queue the dialler will automatically start dialing the number, saving you time. 

Prepend Phone
If you need to dial a code before calling out, add the code by the prepend phone field and Myphoner will do the rest.
Note: Do not add the country code in this field, that must only be done at the list level. 

Before you can call using Myphoner you need to setup your dialler, we believe in giving you options. There are thus different diallers you can setup, including Myphoner Voice! 

For detailed look into setting up the dialler check out this helpful article here

Once you've setup everything up to your liking click Update and you can start calling!

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