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How do I activate the dialler?

How do I start calling? Where is the phone?

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With Myphoner you get a range of different options for dialling.

Myphoner has always been built on the premise that customers are free to choose their favourite VOIP provider, and we continue to adhere to that.

But as the free softphones have stopped working with click-to-call, the barrier to getting started calling for our customers has become bigger.

That's why we two native options as well:

  • An integrated dialler in Myphoner. The dialler currently works with two VoIP services: A Twilio integration and our own Myphoner Voice.

  • A mobile solution that lets you use your mobile phone for calls.

Myphoner Voice

Myphoner voice is fully integrated telephony, baked right into the platform. 

We have had to acknowledge that building a dialler with baked-in telephony will offer more convenience and better possibilities for future features and functionality.

So we have teamed up with a trusted VoIP provider, to offer a full convenience suite of telephony in Myphoner - in addition to the ability to use any provider our customers may prefer.

Myphoner Mobile

Myphoner Mobile is a smartphone experience that lets you route Myphoner calls to your smartphone so you can use your own mobile subscription to call your leads.

Myphoner Mobile is available on all plans.


Use your existing Twilio subscription with myphoner. Our Twilio integration features a built-in webphone that connects to your Twilio subscription to do the dialling. Ideal if you already use Twilio for telephony in your organisation.

You need to be on the Basic plan or higher to use the Twilio integration.


We support any VoIP dialler (software telephone) you can install on your device (computer, smartphone, or tablet). The dialler must support click-to-call in the browser (dialing through clicking phone-type links in a browser).

Please remember that you also need a VoIP subscription and your softphone needs to be configured with that subscription before it can call regular telephone numbers.

At the time of this writing, we recommend using either Bria or a paid version of Zoiper, those are both robust softphones that will work with almost any VoIP provider.

If you have multiple phones installed on your device, you can change which one is used by Myphoner by changing the VoIP handle in your user preferences.

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