Understanding the queue is important as it will hep you work more effectively and in the way you feel is best. 

Check out this video to see what the queue is and how to use it.

The Myphoner Queue allows you to prioritize to whats important for you:

  1. Pick from scheduled leads if any, most due first or least due first depending on selected algorithm.

  2. Otherwise, pick from unscheduled and new leads, optionally sorted by any attribute.

Further, locks and claims makes sure that no two agents can call the same lead at the same time.

This ensures that leads scheduled for callback get moved to the top of the queue at the right time. It also ensures that leads that are being called right now or has been claimed by other agents are not picked, making it possible for multiple agents to work on the same list without the risk of clashing.

The Myphoner queue view. Upcoming calls are shown here in prioritised order.

The queueing works on a list-by-list basis, so when you are calling leads in one list, you'll only get leads queued from that list, until you change lists.

Queue Filters

You can filter certain leads from your queues - useful if you for example want to focus on new leads for some time.

Myphoner provides a simple filtering mechanism for your queues. You can filter by New, Postponed and unscheduled and Scheduled leads.

Filtering your queue is useful if you want to focus on for example only calling new leads for some time.

Please note that queue filters are global, so once you have activated the filter, it affects all your queues in all views that rely on the queue. We will show you a warning and put the  icon anywhere it affects your view.

For more information go to the work your queue article.

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