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Learn how to follow up after a call.

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After calling a lead, you'll likely want to follow up and add some comments. Using Myphoner, you can do this quickly.
Check out this video on what you can do after completing a call.

Once you've completed a call and to move onto the next lead you will need to add a comment and select an appropriate action button. 

Comment: After a call, you'll be able to add a comment within the comment section, this will show up in the activity log on the right side of the lead information. 

Follow Up

Once you've added a comment and if you intend to follow up on the lead you will need to select a followup option. 

Selecting after will postpone the lead and put it back in the top of the queue at the time of the followup.

Selecting in exactly will prioritise the lead in the top of the queue when it is due. If you have notifications for scheduled followups enabled you will receive an email notification (only if you are not looking at the lead at the time). Leads scheduled for an exact followup will be listed under the "Scheduled" submenu.

Note: By default, we ignore followup times for any action button other than call backs. If you want to set a followup time for a winner or loser (which can be useful if they are later migrated), you must select a follow up category, not simply winner/loser. Archived leads are never set for followup.

Pro Tip: You can customise default call back times from your preferences. Check this article for more information. 

Action Buttons

Once you've added your comment and selected a follow up time (if you chose to) you will then need to choose one of the action buttons to move to the next lead. 

There are four types of action buttons, depending on your account you may also have categories for the action buttons which you can choose from. 

Callback: Will put the lead back in the bottom of the queue if you selected in exactly the lead will be prioritised at the top of the queue the time and date it was set for. 

Winner & Loser: Will remove the lead from the queue altogether.

Archive: Will remove the lead from the queue. We recommend using this action button instead of deleting invalid or unusable leads. The reason is that if that lead information is uploaded again, we can detect it and thus assist in you having cleaner lists. 

Skip: If skip is enabled, you will have a 5th action button, skip will add any information in the comment section and move you to the next lead. 

Once you select an action button, your next lead will come up.

Required Fields

The list you are working on may need a specific field to be filled out before moving onto the next lead. 

When selecting the appropriate action button, you might get an error as shown below; you will need to go to Edit the lead, add the required information & click save. Once done, you can then click the action button again to move on. 

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