Here you are going to learn how to create a list report. This is were you can see all the information related to specific lists.

The first thing we need to do, is click on "review" and then "lists" as shown in the image below:

There is a lot of information you can see in the list report.

First we have the number of winners vs the total number of calls as shown in the image below:

Below we can see the number of leads called vs the average calls per lead:

The next image shows the Net Conversion vs Total Conversion:

Finally, we have a chart with all the information for the action buttons.

The timeframe for the report can be adjusted through the drop down menu o the top left side of the page as shown by the image below:

In the image we have above, we can see there are 2 ways of deciding the time frame. One is by choosing a predetermined time period in the first option: "Choose Time Frame". Here we can decide to filter by lists or specific agents.

The next option is the "Custom Period" where we determine the specific time period we are looking for as shown in the image below:

Here we choose the time period through a calendar and also have the ability to filter by lists and agents.

Finally, after we choose the time frame, we will get results such as the ones shown below:

For the complete explanation, watch this video:

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