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How cam I create and use email templates?

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It's always great to have email templates in order to optimize our workflow. Having them ready can help you go a lot faster.

Creating and using templates is actually very simple. Please note that templates are created for a specific list. This means you can create and use different templates for different lists.

Manage > Lists

In this page you will see all your lists along with a few options at the end of each list.

After you click the Configure option, click Email and you're ready to start creating your template.

The New Template button has a drop down menu attached to it. This is in order to start a new template using some predetermined samples. This may help you start a bit faster.

Once you have clicked on New Template, you'll have boxes to fill out with the standard email information. If you chose an existing template, all these boxes will be filled out with that template's information.

At the bottom you'll see a drop-down menu to select from available merge tags:

When clicking on an option, it will automatically insert that merge tag in the email body.

This feature will optimize your workflow by taking the desired data from the lead information and automatically add it.

You also have the information available to manually add the desired tag.

Please Note

For all accounts created on/ after the 25th of March 2022* you will have access to our new text editor & not have access to markdown. For detailed information on our new editor:

*For accounts created before the 25th we are in the process of rolling out the new editor, account owners will be notified of the rollout in due course.

Markdown Syntax

For more information:

Markdown syntax will help you change font, size, add images and more!

At the top you can see how you would write it, and below you can see how it would look in the email.

After you've entered all of the information, click Create.

Remember you can always edit or delete the template.

Now it's time to use your template!

When you are working on a list, you'll see the template button on the bottom left side of the email tab. You can simply click and select the appropriate template.

Important to Note

  • If using Send via desktop client there is a limit on how many characters you can have in your emails and thus email templates. The max size is browser dependent, we recommend you have an email template of less than 2000 characters.

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