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Learn what the lock icon means and how it works

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The lock icon on the top right of Myphoner lets you know which leads are locked/currently being worked on by you.

Understanding a locked lead

When you view a lead, the system acquires a lock on that lead for you, so the lead is removed from all queues, and other agents won't be able to call it. When you perform an action on the lead, the lock is released. If you do nothing, the lock will expire and the lead will be reinserted into the queues after about two hours. For more information see article here.

Using the Lock Icon

  1. The lock icon can be used to view and go to a locked lead, simply click on the icon and select 1 of the locked leads. Handy if you navigated away from a lead you were working on and want to go back.

  2. You can Release all locked leads with a simple click of a button, this ensures that your team can start calling those leads and they don't go cold. If you are looking at a lead when you release all, the lead you are looking at will remain locked.

  3. Using the Switch to view-only mode allows you to view leads without locking them, which means other agents can still work on them. You can go back to working on leads by clicking Switch to work mode. When you switch to view-only mode, the lead you are currently looking at will unlock. If you have other leads that are locked, use Release all to unlock those.

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